May 2019: Anita Berwick

This month’s Member Of The Month for the ladies goes to an absolute legend. Sometimes there are runners that make our jaws drop at the challenges they undertake and this lady is absolutely in that category. Not only does she take on marathons on a regular basis, which in itself is an enormous feat, but she has now completed ultra-marathons and her most recent achievement in the first weekend of May was incredible. Anita Berwick took on the Devil’s Challenge in the South Downs Way in Sussex which consisted of three days of hilly running which totalled 97 miles at the end. Anita trained with dedication focus and in all weathers, come what may. And despite the distance and tough terrain, Anita always smiles, enjoys her runs & exudes positivity which is totally inspiring. She is also super calm and unflappable it seems which proves what a strong mindset she has that no challenge will beat her. Anita, you are incredible and a hugely worthy winner of May’s Member Of The Month.