Training Schedule (Oct – Dec 2019)

Winter Routes can be found here

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N.b. Thursday routes show longest option. There will be shorter options published each week.

TuesdayJanuary 7, 2020Hill Loops 30mClubhouse - Long Chaulden6m
ThursdayJanuary 9, 2020Fletcher WayClubhouse6.7m
SaturdayJanuary 11, 2020Chiltern League IVKeysoe, Bedford6k/10k
TuesdayJanuary 14, 2020Mile Reps x 4Clubhouse - Marlowes6m
ThursdayJanuary 16, 2020Kings Langley I or VClubhouse8.7m or 6.5m
SundayJanuary 19, 2020Fred Hughes 10St Albans10m
TuesdayJanuary 21, 2020Winter FartlekClubhouse6-7m
ThursdayJanuary 23, 2020Springfield IClubhouse9m
SundayJanuary 26, 2020GVH MTR 12mClubhouse12m
TuesdayJanuary 28, 2020Yasso 800s x 8 or 6 x 1kmClubhouse - Teal Way10m
ThursdayJanuary 30, 2020Leverstock Green IClubhouse7.3m
SundayFebruary 2, 2020Watford HalfCassiobury Park13.1m
TuesdayFebruary 4, 2020Hill Loops 35mClubhouse - Long Chaulden7m
ThursdayFebruary 6, 2020Fletcher WayClubhouse6.7m
SaturdayFebruary 8, 2020Chiltern League VCampbell Park, MK6k/10k
TuesdayFebruary 11, 2020Mile Reps x 5Clubhouse - Marlowes7m
ThursdayFebruary 13, 2020Grovehill IClubhouse9.4m
TuesdayFebruary 18, 2020Winter Fartlek (with long option)Clubhouse6/8m
ThursdayFebruary 20, 2020Abbotts IClubhouse10.7m
SundayFebruary 23, 2020GVH MTR 17mClubhouse17m
TuesdayFebruary 25, 2020Yasso 800s x 9 or 8 x 1kmClubhouse - Teal Way11m
ThursdayFebruary 27, 2020Leverstock Green IClubhouse7.3m
SundayMarch 1, 2020Berkhamsted HalfBerkhamsted CC13.1m
TuesdayMarch 3, 2020Hill Loops 35mClubhouse - Long Chaulden7m
ThursdayMarch 5, 2020Polehanger I or Springfield IClubhouse5.4m or 9m
SundayMarch 8, 2020Hillingdon 20Ruislip20m
TuesdayMarch 10, 2020Mile Reps x 5Clubhouse - Marlowes7m
ThursdayMarch 12, 2020Kings Langley IClubhouse8.7m
TuesdayMarch 17, 2020Winter Fartlek (with long option)Clubhouse6/8m
ThursdayMarch 19, 2020Abbotts IClubhouse10.7m
SundayMarch 22, 2020GVH MTR 20mClubhouse20m
TuesdayMarch 24, 2020Yasso 800s x 10 (Brighton & London) or 2 x 2m (Manchester) or 8 x 1kmClubhouse - Teal Way11m
ThursdayMarch 26, 2020Industrial Estate - BarnacresClubhouse9.6m
TuesdayMarch 31, 20205m with 2m@MP (Manchester) or Hollybush Cruise Intervals (others)Clubhouse - Hollybush5m or 8m
ThursdayApril 2, 2020Bulbeggars Road or Taper Run (Manchester)Clubhouse7.8m or 4m
SundayApril 5, 2020Manchester MarathonManchester26.2m
TuesdayApril 7, 20202 x 2m (Brighton) or 4 x 1m (London & others)Clubhouse - Chaulden Lane7m
ThursdayApril 9, 2020Barnes LaneClubhouse7.3m
TuesdayApril 14, 20202 x 2m (London) or 5m with 2m@MP (Brighton) or Out & Backs (others)Clubhouse5/6m
ThursdayApril 16, 2020Piccotts End II (London) or Taper Run (Brighton) or Golf Courses Clubhouse6.3m or 4m or 5.6m
SundayApril 19, 2020Brighton MarathonBrighton26.2m
TuesdayApril 21, 20205m with 2m@MP (London) or Hill SprintsClubhouse - Gadebridge Park5m
ThursdayApril 23, 2020Taper Run (London) or Sugar Lane ShortClubhouse4/8m
SundayApril 26, 2020London MarathonLondon26.2m