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We have now returned to full training from the clubhouse on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
For now, please do consider taking a lateral flow test before coming to the club, and please don’t run if you have any symptoms (& note it appears that the symptoms for Omicron are pretty much the same as a cold).
As always, your welfare is our primary concern. We will keep training and enjoying the benefits of running and being part of a club, but will do so as safely as possible.
Thanks for your understanding.
England Athletics guidelines:

If you would like to join us as a new member please contact the team by emailing them at:

Serving Our Running Community Since 1991

Gade Valley Harriers is a Club organised by runners for runners. We like to think of it as a group of friends all sharing a common interest. Today we have a strong base of good quality runners and in recent times we have won several team events ranging from the Berkhamsted Half Marathon on the road to the South Downs Marathon Relay over testing cross country routes. We currently have 170 members and we welcome adult runners of all abilities.

Latest Club News

Bandits at 7 O’Clock

Bandits at 7 O’Clock

There was a time (a long time ago) when “Bandits at 7 O’Clock!” was a warning to look over your left shoulder for enemy aircraft. Those times have long passed. Now “Bandits at 7 O’Clock!” is the cry that goes up at Gade Valley Harriers on the last Thursday in April as...

A Very Hilly Bit of Fun

A Very Hilly Bit of Fun

It was a quiet weekend for the Harriers on April 23rd and 24th as only 4 athletes took part in organised events outside of Parkruns and only a handful of runners got up early on Saturday to run a Parkrun. The largest concentration of GVH runners gathered at Gadebridge...

Easter Treats for Harriers

Easter Treats for Harriers

Easter weekend is not a busy one for races in general as most races take place on Sundays and most people are too busy visiting relatives, rolling hard-boiled eggs down hills or recovering from a two day hangover while eating chocolate eggs to bother with racing on...

Latest Members of the Month

Mar 2020: Kim Morgan and Sam Raffety

For March there are two winners of the ladies’ Member of the Month award and they are… Kim Morgan and Sam Raffety! Kim had a place for VLM on April 26th and Sam had entered Manchester Marathon scheduled for April 5th, and their training had been intense and fruitful....

Mar 2020: Gareth Tucker

Marathon training can be tough, Ok it’s always tough. And Marathon training can make you or break you and for our boys Member of the Month for March I think the former applies. Gareth’s recent performances have confirmed this, not only has he performed...