Lockdown Challenges

GVH Lockdown Handicap

With Thanks to Guy Woollett and Helen Terry for organising:

April is normally the first month of the summer handicap series but given we’re in lockdown we need to do things a little differently.

We’ve organised a ‘virtual handicap’ series.

The Rules:

Any time before the end of April you run the revised handicap route avoiding the towpath and record it on Strava.

You run it on your own. You run/jog (ie/ do not drive) to the clubhouse beforehand/afterwards. Post your result on Strava and/or the Facebook Members’ Forum.

Helen will collate all the results and work out handicaps as usual.

If it goes well, we’ll do the same in May, June etc. until the end of the lockdown.

If you don’t know it, the revised “lockdown”route (avoiding the canal towpath) is here:


Also if you’re not already part of it you might want to join the Official GVH Strava group:




GVH VIRTUAL 5k 2.6 challenge

With Thanks to Ed Price and Gemma Felstead for organising:


Parkrun is likely to be the first opportunity to get back into formal running/racing (yes, I know parkrun is not a race, but you know I mean!!) after lockdown, so it seems a good idea to focus your training for the next few months on the shorter distances.

This also fits well with what is achievable and safe in the current circumstances (& complements the virtual handicap too).

So, we have devised the GVH Virtual 5k 2.6 challenge.

Not only does this provide focus for training, but incorporates the 2.6 challenge:


It’s completely up to you (of course) how you wish to engage with the 2.6 challenge (if at all), but hopefully it adds an extra motivation.



  1. Find/create your own 5K route which you use each time
  2. Run a base time by the end of April
  3. Aim to improve your time by 2.6% either over the course of lockdown OR if you want a bigger challenge, per month (e.g. if base time 20mins, then by end of May you need to run 19.29, by the end of May, 18.59 by the end of June, 18:30 by the end of July etc.)
  4. I’ll collate all times, do the maths (or at least Excel will) and publish updates each month


  2. Runs to be logged on Strava and labelled #GVHparkrun
  3. You must be part of GVH Strava group
  4. Run can be done on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (for ease of collating) but must be logged by Sunday evening each week
  5. You can log up to one of these per week (but don’t run one in the same week as running the virtual handicap!)
  6. Run on your own or with someone in your household
  7. Always maintain social distancing – DO NOT compromise this for a good time!
  8. Don’t go to the supermarket the same day as running this (just to be absolutely sure in case immune system slightly down after effort)


  1. Ed & Gemma to publish suggested rep sessions and other training tips
  2. Ed to continue with exercise and drill videos
  3. Monthly recognition for most improved and quickest overall time (Men’s & Ladies)