GVH Club training sessions – Summer 2019:


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Training Schedule – Summer 2019

DateDaySession / RouteVenueDistance (of longest route)
25 June 2019TuesdayGadebridge Park Hills (with LTR)Gadebridge
27 June 2019ThursdayClub HandicapClubhouse4
2 July 2019TuesdayCLUB RUN 1 - Mixed SessionClubhouse
4 July 2019ThursdayHolly HedgesClubhouse10.4
9 July 2019TuesdayOut and BacksBlackbirds Moor
11 July 2019ThursdayBovi Cinder TrackClubhouse8
14 July 2019SundayCLUB LEAGUE: Bushey 10kBushey6
16 July 2019TuesdayCLUB RUN 2 - HillsGadebridge TBC
18 July 2019ThursdayGladiatorClubhouse7.6
23 July 2019Tuesday1km RepsClubhouse
25 July 2019ThursdayFairlands Valley 3k Relays or alternative TBCStevenage
30 July 2019TuesdaySummer FartlekClubhouse
1 August 2019ThursdayClub HandicapClubhouse4
4 August 2019SundayClub League: Bearbrook 10kAylesbury6
6 August 2019TuesdayMixed Session (follow on from Club Run 1)Clubhouse
8 August 2019ThursdayKings Langley WaysideClubhouse9.2
13 August 2019TuesdayNorthridge Way PyramidsNorthridge Way Park
15 August 2019ThursdayEd's Big OneClubhouse10.1
20 August 2019TuesdayCLUB RUN 3 - Relay FocusClubhouse
22 August 2019ThursdayOrienteeringClubhouse
27 August 2019TuesdayFun NightClubhouse
29 August 2019ThursdayGolf CoursesClubhouse5.6
1 September 2019SundayClub League: Bovingdon 10kBovingdon
3 September 2019TuesdaySummer FartlekClubhouse
5 September 2019ThursdayClub HandicapClubhouse4
10 September 2019TuesdayHills (follow on from Club Run 2)Gadebridge
12 September 2019ThursdayBarnes LaneClubhouse7.3
17 SeptemberTuesdayOut and BacksBlackbirds Moor
19 September 2019ThursdayIvy House Lane Road FinishClubhouse8.2
22 SeptemberSundaySouthern Athletics 6,4,3 RelaysCrystal Palance
24 September 2019TuesdayHollybush RepsHollybush
26 September 2019ThursdayPiccotts End IClubhouse7.7

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